Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Window Graffiti

Battling Window Graffiti

Window graffiti is expensive, time consuming and disruptive. Isn’t it easier to peel of a piece of film rather than replace the whole window pane? Anti-graffiti film offers a solution for those subjected to window graffiti. When a filmed window gets spray-painted, the vandalism can be cleaned off with water. When scratched, the film can be removed along with the markings.  Anti-graffiti window film can be utilized in public transportation vehicles, on gas station mirrors, or at any other location often targeted by vandalism.

See our Film Benefits Chart for information on anti-graffiti window film benefits.

Applications for Anti-Graffiti Window Film

  • Building susceptible to physical or chemical window graffiti.
  • Public transportation vehicle windows.
  • Mirrors in bathrooms that are often damaged.
  • Plexiglas windows that are exposed to window vandalism.

What does it mean for me?

  • The option to replace an inexpensive piece of film instead of replacing an expensive piece of glass or Plexiglas.
  • Keeping the windows and mirrors of a business unmarked.
  • Avoid replacing expensive vehicle windows in buses or trains.
  • Protect the windows CURRENTLY in your building from graffiti.

SunGlo Anti-Graffiti Products

  • Madico CL – Quality security and anti-graffiti window film.
  • Madico CL Blister Free – An industry breakthrough, offering the ability to protect Plexiglas windows without the blistering seen in standard films.

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