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What Window Film Means for YOUR Home

Commercial Window Tinting Tax Credit

Platte River Power Authority Now Offering Window Tinting Tax Credit

Platte River Power Authority has released a $1 per square foot Tax Credit for businesses applying solar window tinting to their non-North facing window exposures!

This is a tremendous step forward in Northern Colorado as until now all window tint related tax credits had been only for residential clients only. With this credit, Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) is offering what amounts to 15-20% of the typical cost of a window film installation. Given the tremendous energy, comfort and fixture protection (from harmful UV Rays and sun damage) of window film, SunGlo Window Films is hopeful that this will make window tinting more feasible to business in Northern Colorado.

The PRPA Tax Credit is restricted to only the most energy conscious commercial window tinting products (those with a Shading Coefficient below .35). However, it is VERY easy to receive. In fact, SunGlo Window Films will process all paperwork for your company and provide the tax credit as a discount on your ORIGINAL INVOICE!

Are you a business in Northern Colorado considering commercial window film? SunGlo Window Films and Platte River Power Authority are here to make window tinting a financially feasible improvement for your organization!

Call SunGlo Window Films or Schedule a Free Estimate to learn more about the Platte River Power Authority commercial film tax credit!

High Quality Ceramic Window Films

Ceramic window films are fast becoming an important part of residential and commercial spaces. There are several types of designs available in ceramic films. If you are planning to change the look of your home interiors and include comfort quotient then your first choice must be advanced ceramic window films. High-end technologies have been used in developing these top class films. Besides reducing heat ceramic window tinting items make windows look beautiful. Some of the biggest names to have chosen this product are Guggenheim, The Louvre and Smithsonian. These window films reflect very low proportions of light which makes it an instant choice for both home and office spaces. Natural view is kept intact. Developments are being continued to bring improvements in the existing products.

Benefits of Madico Advanced Ceramic for Homes

  • Increased anti-break safety has been added to these films.

  • Anti-scratch durable coating.

  • High Quality Infrared Rejection Ability.

  • Allowing natural flow of light and preventing reflectivity.

  • Keeps glares away from homes.

  • Fade reduction.

  • Almost 99% of UV ray protection ability. Prevention of harmful rays. This protects home interiors, drapes and furniture items.

  • High-end technology for better energy savings. Summer heat is reflected providing coolness for homes. Winter heat is trapped to retain the warmth of interiors. Dual-energy saving mode is of high value in ceramic films making it an immediate choice.

Why were advanced ceramic window films created?

Window films were developed keeping privacy in mind. With time there have been various developments in the window tinting and film industry. This has led to high-definition window films being developed. Some of the general purposes served by window films are heat and light reduction, energy-saving and UV ray protection.

These qualities have been bettered by scientists to bring out superior heat-reduction, bigger and better energy-saving and high-quality films for enhanced comfort. Ceramic window films are regarded as an enhanced high-end new age window film. Advanced ceramic films were created solely to provide striking clarity and high level of heat reduction. Ceramic films of all types prevent 80% of sun’s infrared light that bears heat and around 59% of sun’s heat. They effectively reject 99% of harmful UV rays. Prevention of furniture and household items’ fading is reduced greatly. All the existing advantages of window films are heightened in ceramic films.

Benefits of Madico Advanced Ceramic for Commercial Spaces

Benefits of traditional window films have been enhanced to bring out Madico Advanced Ceramic films. Besides blocking heat and reflective sunlight these films add high privacy quotient to offices. Outside views are clearer than traditional views. Given below are some of the added benefits brought about by advanced ceramic window films:

  • Anti-break quality is heightened in these items. Madico ceramic films provide extremely high level of safety as they are stronger their coating is stronger than traditional window films in holding together pieces of shattered glasses. This saves bigger and worse accidents from affecting and preventing people to get injured.

  • Solar energy is prevented from entering office interiors during summer. Sun’s energy is trapped during winters. This quality is heightened in ceramic films which give cooler summers and warmer winters. Energy-saving and energy-efficient quality being high in these films makes them top choices for commercial spaces.

  • Furniture items like carpets, drapes, curtains and screens are saved from being faded. This is possible due to 99% harmful UV ray protection quality in these films.

  • Great look and aesthetic feel is added when these films are retrofitted to windows. These films are sleek and provide uniformity. Corporate look eliminates visual clutter.

  • Employee comfort is increased as cooler summer and warmer winters will increase productivity in commercial spaces. Retaining comfort is a quality that is ideal for commercial spaces.

How to Perform Window Tinting All By Yourself?

It is always advised to take professional help in window tinting a person’s house or office space. However high costs involved in availing professional help often forces people to perform window tinting all by themselves.  An average window and a lesser quality of window film can be comfortably retrofitted on windows. But it is not advisable to take up the onus of retrofitting stylish and high quality window films all by yourself. It must be remembered that window films are easy to fit and does not require too many utility tools. You do not have to be a mechanic or a talented professional in fitting these smooth and comfortable items on your windows. We have provided a few ways to let you know how to perform this activity by yourself.

Things Needed-

Get a plastic spray bottle, a razor blade, a very soft cloth, water, measuring tape, flattened tool and detergent. These items will be important to measure, cut and carry out a successful window tinting.

Actions To be Taken-

  • Measure the inside and outside areas of the window pane. Note down the measurements.

  • After filling up your spraying bottle with water detergent must be added to form a solution. The insides of a window must be sprayed generously. The next thing to do will be to scrape the solution all over the window pane. The window must be completely cleaned and left smooth. After cleaning is done the window must be wiped with the soft cloth. There should not be a single drop of moistness in the window.

  • Second step will be to spray the outer area of the window. The same soap and water solution must be sprayed on the outer parts of the window.

  • The window film must be held carefully in place and a piece should be cut out according to the available measurement. The liner side of the tint must face outwards. You must take a longer piece so that the bottom can be cut out in order to fit straight along the bottom line of the window pane.

  • The next step is to cut out the top portion of the window film. Care must be taken so that the top region has an inch more than the actual window.

  • The clean cover must be pulled off from the film before generously applying the inner part of the window with the solution.

  • The tint must be flattened out without keeping any kind of bubble in the film.

  • Remaining water in the film must be pushed upwards. This action must be pushed from bottom continuing upwards. Flattened tool must be used in pushing up the water. No water should remain in the tint.

  • The sides and top portions of the film must be evenly cut out with the razor. Trimming must not leave protruding edges that are visible on the windows. A trimming guide can be used to get perfect edges.

  • Be very careful while trimming the tint. Scratches must not be brought on these items.

Say Yes to Madico window films’ MT-200 for your office

Do you have an office space and worried about adding quality to it? Do not worry even if you have money constraints. We have a brilliant solution that will pinch less on your pocket yet allow you to deliver a surprising finish for your office space. MT-200 by Madico window films is a class in itself. Being a frosted window tinting item of very high quality MT-200 fits well onto most kinds of glass pieces. Without having to spend on expensive frosted glasses, this window film will be an intelligent alternative.

Spending limit goes really high when one gets down to decorating an office space. There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. Installing drapes, new lights and frosted window patterns are the common things. Adding a hint of privacy to all the rooms and letting your customers enjoy a different appearance is what is done with the help of Madico’s MT-200 window films.

Madico window films’ MT-200 is a value for money window film that can be fitted well onto windows. New commercial space owners are taking opting for these frosted finish window films. Various design changes and innovations can be brought about into MT-200 window films.

Points that Make Madico a Perfect Choice:

  • Madico has launched this product that enhances the finish of a glass.

  • There are numerous types of window films made available by the house of Madico.

  • There has been a continuous improvement process within Madico which has led to the launch of new window film products.

  • Safety and security quotients are kept high in these window films.

  • Solar glazing in Madico films makes for a brilliant architectural inclusion.

  • View-control and blackout functions make this a front-line product.

  • Advanced solar protection quality makes for a good buy.

Benefits of Retrofitting MT-200:

  • Blocks sun’s rays, heat and essential amount of blaze.

  • Office places will have a naturally cool interior which will not be possible with drapes, shades and dark window glasses. The intensity of sun-blocking quality is very high in these films.

  • It emits a translucent appearance.

  • Interiors are saved from further fading as sun’s UV rays are effectively blocked by these window films.

  • Initiates a great sense of privacy with its innate qualities. There will no more be peeping toms outside office rooms as nothing can be viewed once these films are retrofitted to windows.
  • Huge savings will be possible. Air conditioning costs will be curbed greatly. Energy savings being a dream entity will be greatly solved with the help of these window films.

Innate Qualities of Madico MT-200:

There is no other but to be proud of its window film. Such are the qualities and efficiencies embedded in these products that they bring about in improving the look, feel and comforts of commercial spaces. Interior heat is reduced because of the natural heat-reflective quality inherent in these films. If you want to ensure comfort for your clients and employees then this is the sole option that needs to be included in your workplace.

Origin of Window Tinting

Window tinting and films are seemingly new but its roots go back to the 1970s. Glass artworks, coloring, spray paints and etched glasses have been here for long. But the race has been won by window tinting items because of its wide variety of utilities and benefits. Use of colored glasses in pot decorations has been traced back to 3000 B.C. Archaeological Excavations have brought out the fact that ancient civilizations used glass arts and similar window works like window films. However the main advent of window tinting and films came up when limousines appeared. Dark glasses were mainly associated with these cars. 1960s and 1970s came up with the first forms of dark protective films that were mainly introduced to the vehicle industry. However as time went by tinted windows were labelled as privacy increasing products. They found their place in offices and homes.

Privacy was a thing that interested people a lot. 1980s brought many great changes as dark tints were banned in cars. But there was already a huge penetration of window films in various sectors other than cars. People became aware of the great benefits of these items. Mid 1990s saw a considerable rise in the manufacturing of home and commercial window tinting products. It started being available more easily than before. People started knowing all the facts such as the UV protection ability, heat reducing quality, anti-breakage and energy saving essentialities of window films.

Window films have inner coats of Titanium Dioxide and Aluminium Oxide or a blended coat of both products. The dark coats effectively blocks visible light. The very harmful UV rays of the sun are prevented from entering homes. All these were taken into account by people. People started including these items in their homes and ensuring cooler homes during unbearable hot summers.

As time passed and the present times came in costly versions of window films started appearing. These products came with more promises for better home interiors. Damage to furniture and all other household items started being prevented by these items. Ceramic based window tinting products are currently considered the most expensive items. There are simple and cost-effective window films that ensure pocket-friendliness and serve the purposes.

With time there have been massive interest showed on this item which has led manufacturers and scientists taking part in making innovations and technological enhancements. Light spectrum studies have further led to implementations in window films that have brought about superior quality products. There are polarized tinting films that not only block sunlight but make certain light spectrum bandwidths heightened in appearance. This technology has been incorporated in shooters glasses. The distinct polarization has led to clear targets helpful for marksmen.

Anti-burglary has never been defined so finely as window films. The rolls that are attached on window panes do not let the glasses break apart easily. Even if there is a breakage the glasses do not fall apart as the film rolls hold the glass pieces together. This is useful in preventing burglars as they get lesser time to solve things. Children are also protected greatly as window shards do not create a mess.

So with time there has been great development in window tinting industry. The reason for its growth has depended on its vital statistics.

Growth in Denver Real Estate

There has been a huge growth in real estate property renting, selling and leasing in and around Denver. With so much to explore Denver looks like a hotspot in property related business options. Advertisers, agents, sellers and real estate marketers are fast looking up to populate local listings. Consumers are also constantly searching for better market rates, real estate brands, investment companies and Brokerage specialists to suit their set of needs.

Real Estate Offices

Commercial spaces are taking a lot of importance. This has made the inclusion of highly presentable features and showcasing of one’s class in office spaces.  Corporate offices in Denver are putting across client needs on their top preferences. Consumers feel safe, comfortable and worry-free in the real estate commercial spaces across Denver.

Offices in Denver come loaded with anti-glare for the windows, sound proofing doors, art worked glasses and window tinting. Window films have fast been taken up by business houses of most kinds.  Besides ensuring good look and feel, these offices also ensure green quotient by turning up environment friendly options such as window films. Window tinting in Denver is a rage that has come up in the past few years.

Services offered

Some of the major services offered by real estate offices are trending tracking, relation building with consumers and clients, resource tracking, Brokerage, objective achievement as in consolidation, acquisition, expansion, asset management and disposition. Clients come from varied sections of society with the sole intent in investing or finding the right focus in real estate profit management.

Client Interest

Client interest is a major thing followed by real estate companies in Denver. The sole aim for window tinting industry is innovation, strong tie building, less risk and professional sale management. In order to deliver client requirements fast paced company structure including huge number of employees has become very important for real estate companies in Denver.

Some of the qualities that need to be maintained by real estate firms are fast delivery, corporate services, ensuring comfortable, advice to clients, less risk, following existing industry trends and real estate portfolio management. With a wide array of information available clients often start to feel confused. There are several areas in real estate that need to be understood well before continuing with selling, buying or investing in any means.

Most companies follow year by year reports and stack them for future references. Real estate brands ensure high quality within themselves in order to compete in the race for the best. Commercial spaces are also catching up the rage. In order to attract more clients and potential business, offices are including high class glass panels, privacy window films and wood carved furniture items. In order to come up with high quality and presentable image window tinting in Denver has become popular. It ensures better inner cooling, cost curtailing, privacy and decorative quality to windows.

Structured finance comes with structured image. Real estate is a highly-image building area. With services comes excellent professionalism. All this and much more lies behind installing window tinting in Denver area.

Commercial Window Tinting: A value for price

Window film does so much more than keeping the debris away. Today with efficient and super innovative technology, these services are slowly becoming a necessity. Global temperature is rising at a heightening pace so is the presence of harmful ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. A comfortable workplace gives you a boost to work more, increasing your productivity. Intense heat penetrates the wall and makes the ambience stagnant and humid to work in. A stale and discomfort atmosphere makes you dull and throws you into a creative limbo.  Getting your windows filmed is the ultimate choice for all commercial properties to keep your office and its employees fresh, energetic and a comfortable state of mind.

Window film has got many benefits of its own. It rejects 80% of heat and has the capacity to block 99.9% UV rays and almost 85% of glare. Now we all know that Ultraviolet rays of the sun are one of the major culprits causing skin cancer. A prolonged exposure to UV rays can also many tormented skin diseases and rashes. Installing window tints at your office can help you enjoy 15 degrees temperature and in a way benefits you by reducing your electricity costs. It also spares you from unwanted glares and intrusions and protects your privacy during day time. Though working at night can prove a little troublesome since the films get transparent but considering the lists of benefits of window films, going for blinders may help your cause.

These films come in varied shapes and sizes and make it easier for the big commercial spaces to maintain an optimum consistent temperature. Companies will see its immediate benefit as this will result in maintaining a cooler temperature. The feature of keeping the space cooler  during summers and warmer during winters makes window films an imperative choice in terms of energy saving and also in cutting down operational costs.

Sunlit surroundings are prone to hotspots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperature and all companies want their employees, clients and customers to be at their ultimate comfort.  This is where the window tinting comes into play. They not only blocks the UV rays entering your premises but soften the light entered and also maintains an optimum temperature throughout the year.

Keep your well invested furniture and upholstery fresh and intact. Continuous exposure to sunlight has a damaging effect on your furniture and helps protect your décor and keep your investments secure and long lasting.

Safety is always the first and foremost priority for any company, organization or establishment. A minor crack in windows can lead to a major accident and can hurt a lot of people in a fraction of a second. This is where these can prove helpful as these films keep the glass shards together and prevents it from burglary, theft, accidents and injury.

Maintaining the office décor yet not harming the aesthetic value is crucial for any organization. These films come in different shades and color and help you pick the exact shade of hue you’re looking for. People judge by your professional appearances and don’t let your business get a negative look. Go get your windows fixed and revamp your office interiors with these exclusive styles of new window filming technology.

Durango Window Tinting – A quality window tinting service

Revolutionize your homes today by introducing innovative window film products on your windows! These structures are specially designed to block the majority of the detrimental ultraviolet rays of the sun and keep your rooms comfortable. Why expose your flawless skin to the mercy of harsh sunlight when you can easily afford these beautiful products?

Manufactured by the latest scientific technology, their protective coating is capable of shrinking your energy consumption by promising cooler rooms during summer and warmer interiors during winters. They will transform your abode into energy efficient ‘green homes’ by controlling your carbon footprint. Durango window tinting (SunGlo Window Films) takes care of temperature imbalance and all other residential issues.

How  window films work wonders for your home: Invest in some of the coolest window film products and observe a marked improvement in your residential surroundings.

  • Efficient energy management: These products will enable you to conserve energy by checking the emission of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As window tints absorb 57% to 60% of solar radiation, it leads to an energy saving of about 15% during summer and 2% to 5% during winter season. Retrofitting these structures on your old windows will enhance their performance and spare you replacement costs. It reduces HVAC strain by checking hotspots inside rooms or buildings.
  • UV barrier: Overexposing your skin to ultraviolet rays might take a toll on your health. UV rays are major sources of carcinogens which are cause corneal infections and pigmentation in the eye, skin cancer, rashes and other health disorders. Window films block 99% of infrared rays of the sun, thus eliminating these issues. Consequently, your favorite furniture and draperies retain their freshness and vitality for longer periods. You will enjoy an added benefit here. You can save a considerable amount of annual utility bills as you switch on your air conditioner less often during summer, if you invest in these products.

Provides privacy, protection and security: Durango’s films guarantee protection of your homes against ugly impediments. Their layers are powerful enough to counter any attacks by burglars, thieves or wreckage or natural disasters like violent storms or earthquakes. The films are exclusively constructed which prevents the glass shards from breaking or flying apart during sudden impact induced by thunder or burglar attacks. Numerous government buildings in America utilize these films for this very purpose.

Once you install these window films, you will be spared the onslaught of excessive solar heat, skin ailments, burglars or thieves and threats posed by natural calamities. Homeowners would be excited to learn that establishing these films will cause a noticeable reduction in their annual electricity bills, as much as 15%.

Window tints insulate your windows effectively, assuring zero fading and glare-free rooms. Strangers will be unable to steal sneaking glances into your rooms, thanks to these amazing products which are extremely versatile! You can choose various types of window films, ranging from solar films, decorative or security window films.  Durango window films are immensely popular amongst homeowners and even owners of corporate buildings!

How important is window tinting?

Are you a victim of those scorching sunrays which infiltrate your residence off and on? Does the constant intrusion of the ultraviolet sunlight interrupt your viewing of your television or computer screen? Well, if yes, then it is time you treat your homes to the affordable luxury of residential tints immediately. Modernize your interiors now by introducing some beautiful window tints on your home windows! These solar films act as natural and automatic air conditioners. Their powerful coating is capable of checking your carbon footprint, and transforming your houses into ‘green homes’. Window tinting in Denver is enormously popular, thanks to its multiple benefits.

Solar window films are essential for your homes due to several reasons! Here is how window tints are important for our homes:

  • Heat minimization: The unique layer of the film coating blocks 99% of the solar radiation. Therefore it prevents the majority of sunlight from invading your interiors, thus ensuring cooler rooms during summer. As it cools your rooms naturally, you seldom need to switch on your air conditioner and consequently save a considerable amount of utility bills.
  • Heat detainment: Lower emissive quality of window films trap the solar heat inside your homes. This enables you to enjoy the comfortable interiors even during chilly winters, as these products lower the room temperatures to a great extent! Window films promise you warm rooms during winter season.
  • Radiation check: Since window films absorb 57% to 60% of sun rays, you will be able to escape the malicious ultraviolet rays of the sun! The solar glare is responsible for encouraging skin disorders like rashes and fatal ailments like skin cancer. Your cherished furniture and draperies will remain new forever if you establish these unique products.
  • Privacy reinforcement: Strangers or passers-by often tend to sneak and peep inside your house. This kind of unwarranted interference can be quite annoying for you. Window tints are the perfect solutions to address this irritating hindrance! Install opaque films, particularly vinyl ones, or the ones with a higher reflective capacity to prevent this problem. You can be assured of greater privacy if you go for these products.
  • Beautification: The market is flooded with a wide variety of decorative window films, which can intensify the aesthetic beauty of your residence. These structures can dazzle up your homes and help you earn brownie points!

Processed by a unique blend of science and technology, window tints are the ideal solutions for residential as well as commercial purposes. These films are the best equipments to address your protection and privacy issues. Regular glass panes are faulty and incompetent as they unable to combat those inconveniences.

Homeowners would be delighted to learn that window tints contract about 15% of annual electricity bills, besides converting their abode into eco-friendly homes. You can pamper your windows with various types of window film products, which are available in numerous colors, textures and designs. Call an experienced home window tint service provider today and apply these wonderful products for beautifying your dwelling!

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