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Summertime Energy and Money Saving

In order to run a successful business it is important to save money from all squares. Any opportunity to get value for money spent in a business must not be whiled away. Giving value will result in giving positive impact to your business. Warm weather increases power and energy consumption. This is a thing that must be reduced. Constructive efforts must be put in order to do a value judgement on power estimates.

Air conditioners and coolers are known power guzzlers. There are various cost-saving energy efficiency ways that can be incorporated to do away with energy wastes. Installing energy-efficient lights, fluorescent lamps, including drapes and blinds for windows and including window films will bring in better times for money saving purposes of business. Saving units in heating, refrigeration, electricity and services will do wonders in summertime energy and money saving objectives.

Energy Efficient Commercial Investments- Doing better business will mean getting introduced to cost-saving initiatives. These might include buying environment-friendly ink, toners, copiers, printers and computer products. Choosing energy-efficient light arrangements and power saving electricity tools will make for a smarter money saving mode for businesses.

How to reduce Lighting Cost:

  • Selecting low energy using LED exit signs.

  • Durable retrofit fluorescent and incandescent exit signs are good.

  • T8 lights, magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts and T12 lights can be retrofitted. These items are known to save around 10-15% lighting costs.

  • Automated on-off lighting units can be installed inside rooms. This will save light energy depending on the presence of occupants in side rooms. Daytime light saving is also included in these lighting arrangements.

  • Fluorescent lighting bulbs can save 1-5% of your electricity costs.

Inclusions for Refrigerators:

  • Automated door closing functions must be installed. Similar installations will allow you to save more than 1% of energy cost.

  • Door gaskets must be checked and replaced with new ones. Worn out door gaskets do not close refrigerators properly. By including new gaskets and having fresh door latch implementations at least 0.5% of money is saved.

  • Insulated night covers can be put on display cases which will save 1% of electricity unit.

Cost-friendly Energy-saving Options- Installing a programmable thermostat will reduce air-conditioning cost. Unwanted cooling of air and waste of energies will be eliminated with a manageable thermostat. There are numerous energy-saving utility items that are cost-effective and give huge value for money. Bi-level switches can be a smart choice as it reduces lighting as and when required. Keeping out lamps and reducing waste of light energy is essential in saving energy costs which go on to save a lot of money.

Products having energy star recommendations and standardizations must replace existing energy items in commercial spaces. Energy star products are known to save a surprising 10% of energy consumption and unit costs. Maintaining office products should be a must. Computers, air conditioners, pipe lines and other utility items must be checked and maintained from time to time. Making your employees aware of environment-friendly options and becoming aware of energy saving processes is very important in turning your business initiative an overall success.

Window Films- Installing window films is possibly the smartest option for saving energy consumption and electricity costs in offices. Window films are retrofit items that save replacement of windows. They make cooler interiors during warm weathers and trap heat to include warmth during winters. Window tinting products save humans from being affected by harmful UV rays as it blocks the passage of too much sunlight, heat and UV rays.  Window films also reduce the use of blinds, shutters and drapes as its darker exteriors are ideal to include privacy.

Some Important Earth Friendly Products

In order to encourage environment friendly initiatives people must start from their homes. There are a wide range of cheap priced products that can be a cause for celebrating Environment-friendliness, Earth-friendliness and eco-friendly options. Most of these products are created from biodegradable components. In order to build an earth friendly environment buying expensive earth friendly products often becomes an option. However we have listed few cost-friendly products for ensuring earth-friendliness at home.

Paints- Make your homes earth-friendly by taking the first step of introducing fresh paints that are free of formaldehyde. Acetone-free and non-crystalline silica paints are also good. All these paints are low on VOC and form no VOC pigments.

Earthen Pots- These products are considered as very good earth-friendly items. Mostly used in the Asian region earthen pots have been used since ancient times. Water kept in these pots become cold with the help of evaporative cooling.  These are suitable for hot temperatures as water leaks out through numerous small pores. Leaked out water evaporates thus water left inside remains cool. Earthen pots are mostly used during summers.

Energy Conserving Window- Energy efficient windows are best not only to save energy and money but are an effective means of reducing heat and increasing coolness inside homes. Double coated windows with low-emittance (Low-E) coats works two ways – reducing heat loss during winters and increasing heat loss during summertime. This will allow you to have greatly reduced energy bills. You will have lesser need to use air conditioners and air coolers.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs- Using Bulbs that run on solar energy is the best way to initiate earth-friendliness. There are several other energy efficient light bulbs that have ‘Energy Star’ inscribed on them. Homes are fast replacing common bulbs with these types of bulbs. An ‘Energy Star’ bulb is able to save millions of homes from spending big money and big electricity. By installing these bulbs there will be a hope to open up light source for more than 3 million homes in a year.

Green Detergent Powder- Natural laundry detergents must be used. This will ensure your daily washing becoming a life changing experience profitable for the earth.

Organic Products- Clay items should be included in homes as they are made out of natural components.  Replace your existing metal cookware and pots with clay serve bowls, pots and cookware. Organic mattresses must be bought. Soy candles can also be included in homes as this is the best way to add nice smell and hint of relaxing air.

Use air purifiers that contain energy-efficient components. Go green and ensure better air-pollutants volatile organic compounds and bio aerosols. These purifiers work better in cutting out germs and acting as a fan for the room it is positioned in.

Earth-friendly Fireplaces- There are green fireplaces that run on naturalized ethanol which is a renewable form of energy. Whenever fireplace is burnt it burns clean and pure. These earth-friendly fireplaces do not require maintenance. They do not come with utility connections.

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How important is window tinting?

Are you a victim of those scorching sunrays which infiltrate your residence off and on? Does the constant intrusion of the ultraviolet sunlight interrupt your viewing of your television or computer screen? Well, if yes, then it is time you treat your homes to the affordable luxury of residential tints immediately. Modernize your interiors now by introducing some beautiful window tints on your home windows! These solar films act as natural and automatic air conditioners. Their powerful coating is capable of checking your carbon footprint, and transforming your houses into ‘green homes’. Window tinting in Denver is enormously popular, thanks to its multiple benefits.

Solar window films are essential for your homes due to several reasons! Here is how window tints are important for our homes:

  • Heat minimization: The unique layer of the film coating blocks 99% of the solar radiation. Therefore it prevents the majority of sunlight from invading your interiors, thus ensuring cooler rooms during summer. As it cools your rooms naturally, you seldom need to switch on your air conditioner and consequently save a considerable amount of utility bills.
  • Heat detainment: Lower emissive quality of window films trap the solar heat inside your homes. This enables you to enjoy the comfortable interiors even during chilly winters, as these products lower the room temperatures to a great extent! Window films promise you warm rooms during winter season.
  • Radiation check: Since window films absorb 57% to 60% of sun rays, you will be able to escape the malicious ultraviolet rays of the sun! The solar glare is responsible for encouraging skin disorders like rashes and fatal ailments like skin cancer. Your cherished furniture and draperies will remain new forever if you establish these unique products.
  • Privacy reinforcement: Strangers or passers-by often tend to sneak and peep inside your house. This kind of unwarranted interference can be quite annoying for you. Window tints are the perfect solutions to address this irritating hindrance! Install opaque films, particularly vinyl ones, or the ones with a higher reflective capacity to prevent this problem. You can be assured of greater privacy if you go for these products.
  • Beautification: The market is flooded with a wide variety of decorative window films, which can intensify the aesthetic beauty of your residence. These structures can dazzle up your homes and help you earn brownie points!

Processed by a unique blend of science and technology, window tints are the ideal solutions for residential as well as commercial purposes. These films are the best equipments to address your protection and privacy issues. Regular glass panes are faulty and incompetent as they unable to combat those inconveniences.

Homeowners would be delighted to learn that window tints contract about 15% of annual electricity bills, besides converting their abode into eco-friendly homes. You can pamper your windows with various types of window film products, which are available in numerous colors, textures and designs. Call an experienced home window tint service provider today and apply these wonderful products for beautifying your dwelling!

SunGlo Window Film

The most compelling benefits of window film is its ability to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. Window film rejects heat producing infrared rays, maintaining the temperature of a building or residence. Film eliminating unwanted forms of visible light can actually enhance the view. SunGlo Window Film provides the best resources to enhance any building or home. We offer excellent quality window film at affordable prices. Schedule your free estimate today.

Residential And Commercial Window Tinting

Windows that are untinted allow a considerable amount of heat to enter your home or office in the summer and heat to escape during the winter. Your air conditioning or heating system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Applying a high quality window tinting film can reduce thermal transfer allowing your home to maintain a more even temperature and lower your utility bills. Window tinting blocks UV rays which cause upholstery fabrics to fade and keeping windows from shattering in storms. Window tinting is not only affordable, but is an effective form of conservation, solar window film saves energy. SunGlo Window Films in Colorado offers only the finest residential window tinting and commerical window tinting at affordable prices. We provide high quality films that have the best clarity, scratch resistance, and superior adhesives.

Low E Window Film

Low-e means low-emissivity, which means that the window allows only certain types of light to pass through.The film blocks a large amount of ultraviolet, or UV, light before it can pass through into the house. Not only does UV light carry a lot of energy to add unwanted heat during the warmer months, but it can also damage some types of drapes, furniture or carpet through repeated exposure. Low-E Window Films are designed to give windows a barrier to prevent these problems. Homes or buildings in cooler climates seeking winter heat retention for energy efficiency and comfort. SunGlo provides the finest quality window film available to protect your home or building from the intense effects cause by the sun, heat, light and ultra-violet rays.


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Solar window film is a great way to reduce the effects of in coming solar heat.  Whether it is reducing energy costs, lowering temperatures, stopping harmful UV rays, or a combination, window film is a valuable addition to your home or office.

We would love to chat with YOU about window film TODAY!

Decorative Window Film

Besides protecting your furniture and decreasing energy expenses, decorative window films give extra privacy to a home. This is a great option if you enjoy having your drapes or blinds open and still want your privacy. Decorative Window Films can complement your interior décor in your office or home. SunGlo offers a variety of styles that can be incorporated into your existing color scheme and decor. Decorative film is the smartest and highest value long-term solution to view control issues. With window film you can block the heat you and be able to keep the air cooler in your home, use the air conditioner less frequently, and effectively regulate the room temperature.

Solar Window Film

The most compelling benefits of solar window film is its ability to reduce a building’s: energy consumption, energy costs, and Carbon Footprint. The energy savings is so great it allows for a Federal Window Film Tax Credit and LEED points. Solar window film rejects heat producing infrared rays, maintaining the temperature of a building or residence. Unlike older forms of tint, solar window film offers a clear, natural view.  Film eliminating unwanted forms of visible light can actually enhance the view. It is these attributes that make solar window film one of the best kept secrets in building energy efficiency. SunGlo’s vision is to be the best in the Rocky Mountain Region at providing our community with the resources to enhance any building. Being the best means excellent quality, value, and service. We love what we do, and in doing what we love, we hope to create a more sustainable world.

The Lost Technology

ivy covered windowWhat are your first thoughts when you hear the words “window film”?  Things like: tint, car windows, dark, and reflective office buildings likely come to mind.  Often words such as: energy conservation, safety, problem solver, or socially responsible are not thought of.  The truth is the second criterion is far more accurate…

Windows are one of the largest energy sink holes in contemporary times.  With that in mind, how many households or businesses have the spare change that would be required to plug that sink hole by installing efficient glass?  Few, assuming they even have a desire to conserve energy.  What if you could retrofit your windows to reduce the solar energy transmitted into your home by 40-70%?  At the same time, this treatment would increase the insulation properties of your windows, helping with heating in the winter.  That sounds all good and well you say, but you are not interested in darkening your windows.  Window film has progressed to the point where a ceramic based film can be applied to nearly any window that is virtually undetectable, while still offering high performance.  Remember, residential/commercial window film is not car tint.

Window film is an underutilized technology that offers an array of benefits at an affordable cost.  On top of the energy conservation aspect, by using window film a building’s occupants can benefit from:  reducing  hot spots, minimizing the damage of U.V. rays to the people and things within (most window films block 99.9% of U.V. rays), and glare reduction. 

Do you want to conserve energy?  Does your office get hot during the summer?  Would you rather not be exposed to damaging UV rays at home or in the office?  Are your furniture and fixtures fading?  We all have those concerns, and window film can help.

 So why do we not use window film?  It is not due to the newness of the product; film is a mature technology.  It is more about awareness.  This helpful technology is damaged by an inaccurate “tint” stigma, and lost to ineffective education of the target market by film providers.  SunGlo Window Films is a Colorado based film company striving to educate on how window film can be used TODAY as a social responsibility tool.  Visit for more information about window film and its benefits.

Do you need window film?

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